A Noob Plays Wolcen

Wolcen is the mutant baby of Diablo and Poe

I’m sure you have heard all the bad things about Wolcen at this point. It has had a pretty questionable launch from a fairly small dev team. However I haven’t given up hope on the game. There is some great aspects to this game that I don’t think should be over looked.

Wolcen Character Creation

Not only can you choose your characters gender and looks, but you also do not have to worry about picking the wrong class at the start for your character. Wolcen does not the typical barbarian or wizard starting templates and lets you make anything you want without the limitations of a pre-designed class. I really like this design choice.

Wolcen is easy to learn

The game is set up in a way to let you easily digest the different components. Eh let me explain, You gain skills from Enneracts, you now always have the skill, and you can then customize each skills based on how you play.

Or unlike Path of Exiles incredibly intimidating passive tree, Wolcen starts you off with a pretty simple passive tree with only 3 colors, one representing a different play style and as you level up you can work your way out to the next teir, which you can move. This lets news players not worry about trying to craft the perfect build from the start. They know they want to be a wizard, so they will put points in the scholar section, slowly working there way to the different options. I’m not saying that this great for when you do learn the game, but for someone new to the genre I think this is awesome.

Wolcen can still offer a challenge

At least for me, without spoilers, when I reached a certain boss I had to redo my stats like 8 times and farm some gear upgrades to finally beat him. Now that may just say I am a terrible player and id like to disclose that I took full advantage of the exploits in the game to reset my stats.

Lets talk bugs

Wolcen is riddled with bugs, and they are easily found. Simply stacking gems leads to unlimited gold which is pretty wild. Closing the game while putting items in your stash causes duplication of the items, and buffs from leaving a dungeon can stack. Rumor is passive points can also be duplicated as well. The game has some pretty game breaking issues currently.

Worth buying?

I bought the game when it was in early access and I honestly forgot how much I paid for it. At the current $39.99 usd I would be hesitant on buying it. I would say wait and see what the dev team does for these bugs, if they server wipe or let the duplicated gold, extra passives, and duped items stay. However if you are only interested in the offline play and don’t mind the exploits id say go for it.

If you are interested in buying Wolcen, get it here:


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