NoobLoot is a blog I made to share my philosophies on games

I hope Noob Loot will become a community that enjoys games, making recommendations and warnings of bad games to get. Where we can ask questions and get answers. Post our achievements and struggles for the amusement of the masses. We should never forget our roots though. We were all noobs at one time, and should help those who don’t understand the unspoken rules of gaming.

The plans for Noob Loot itself are not really set in stone. I hope to develop my own games in the future and have a solid group of people to warn me of the mistakes I make while trying to make this a career for myself. Whether its a coding error, or a joke gone too far.

Noob Loot will also have a continued supply in the form of a mad man rambling about games. I will give my opinion on many things, and they are just that, opinions. Nothing here will be solid evidence to how it has to be done. Simply what I have done, and what does or didn’t work for myself. I strongly encourage the use of the comment system and the community page to disagree with me.

For a more amusing account of how Noob Loot came to be, please check out Welcome to Noob Loot!

The community page can be found Here!

Thank you for taking the time to read my nonsense, and I hope you will find something useful here, even if it is just a laugh.