A Noob plays Temtem

Temtem comes to early access!

Temtem is in early access and its showing some promise. You search for Monsters to fill in your party and battle them against other creatures. Temtem is a fun game, however I just cant seem to get addicted to it.

Temtem lets you customize your character!

Its not an advance system, but it lets you have a different avatar then other players. Temtem also allows you to buy additional cosmetic items with in game currency much like the newer Pokemon games. You can find a list of options here: https://temtem.gamepedia.com/Customization

Wait what are Temtems?

Temtems are creatures that you can run across while exploring the world of Airbonrne Archipelago. You can collect, breed, and battle Temtems.

What makes Temtem different then other models in the same genre?

You can pick up quests, own a home, and play with other players in real time! Its a pretty neat concept that others have tried and had varying success.

Is it fun tho?

Yes, I enjoyed the game. I think it has the foundation to turn into a great game. I found the fights to be challenging and rewarding.

Launch blues.

As with any mmo, the launch had its problems. I had to wait in long que lines and the game froze at events. After launch the game has seemed to fixed most of these issues.

Is it worth your money?

I think that’s up to you. I really enjoyed it, but after a few hours I couldn’t will myself to keep going. Not that the game play was boring, but after seeing a good chunk of the content still labeled WIP, I want to come back to it when they officially launch. I recommend checking out some game play videos before you buy, but if you are really itching for the Pokemon bug on pc, I think Temtem will fill that niche.

Interested in buying?

You can purchase the game here:


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