Unlock Hidden Objects in Sims 4

In Sims 4 they have a bunch of hidden objects by default. Today I want to unlock them.

Let me show you how to unlock hidden objects in sims 4, yoast is a pia sometimes.

First you want to open your command box in sims by holding “CTRL” + “Shift” + “C”. This will open a box in your top left hand corner of the screen.

Here you want to enter “testingcheats on”

Sims 4 will let you know that the cheats are enabled.

This should be fairly straight forward, this is basically saying that you now have access to more options in game and via prompt for ways that the game were not meant to be played.

Now lets start opening up some hidden objects.

First we will enter “bb.showhiddenobjects”

Now there is no confirmation in the way of text feedback, however you will notice my objects below have filled with items. This cheat has given us access to objects not normally obtained through buy mode.

But wait there’s more!

That wasn’t all of the hidden objects yet in sims 4, now we can enter “bb.showliveeditobjects”.

Again we get no text feedback nor do we see an immediate change in objects listed below, however this cheat has opened up some more vegetation assets.

Unlocking the Sims 4 assets are easy, however finding the right one is a little more tricky.

In the search function of the build mode go ahead and start typing in “debug” and click on one of the search queries. This will give you a huge list of objects.

The items are not organized, but offer some interesting objects. I recommend sorting by expansion pack or custom content, once you found an object you like, and make a mental note.

Quick bonus!

You can also use “bb.moveobjects on” to bypass build checks. You want a chair in a wall? This is how you get a chair in a wall.

You can also use “[“ or “]” keys to scale object sizes!

Happy building Simmers!

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