Making Magic, wait no Realm of Magic!

So Magic in Sims 4 is a thing now.

Realm of Magic for Sims is a game pack that I feel is loaded with content for the price. There are a few things I would have liked to see expanded on, but at the same time, some things seemed to have more depth then expected.

So lets start with how to become a wizard or witch in Realm of Magic.

There are 3 maybe 4 ways from what I understand to become a witch or wizard.

The easiest and most boring way in my opinion is the Create a Sim option. Simply create a new sim and choose the Add Occult Sim, then Spell Caster. This will allow you start practicing magic from the get go without having to find the portal or doing the mini quest.

The second option, and the one I started with is, is converting a normal sim to a wizard. You can do this simply by going to Glimmerbrook, finding the portal and talking to a Sage. The Sage will ask you to collect some motes of light and then you will be on your way to slinging spells in no time.

The next two options will require Spell Caster sims already.

Option 3 would be Rite of Ascension in the Practical Magic Tree. You can cast a spell on another sim to convert them to a spell caster. This would be useful if you want to by pass the sages for story reasons or what have you.

And finally Option 4 which is one I look forward to playing around with, is via bloodline traits. So apparently just like aliens and vampires you can have a spell caster baby. The interesting thing is you can have weak, strong, and ancient bloodlines which offer some buffs. They only appear to be faster experience and less overload, but would still be interesting to create a lineage household with all ancient bloodlines.

If you want more information on bloodlines, or any sims related information, I highly recommend Carl’s Sims. They have an excellent source of information on all things sims and you can check them out here: Bloodlines in Realm of Magic

Lets talk about Gameplay now.

Once you are a wizard harry, what will you do? Well learn some new spells of course! There are a few ways to increase your repertoire of spells.

First being good ole fashion research! You can search tomes on the bookcases in the HQ. Your sims will run around looking for books of interest and then you can read it, assuming you have the level to do so. You might also come across a familiar as well. Its not the most efficient way of learning new skills, but it is a nice rpish way to do so.

Second way that I know of is right click on your sim and select the magic option and simply practice in what ever school you wish to learn a new spell in. Your sims will sit there throwing sparks and if you are lucky, you will learn something new. You can also choose the experiment with the cauldron to learn new potions in a similar fashion.

Third way, and my least favorite, asking the sages to train you. Very boring, you need to befriend them first. Blah.

Fourth and most fun way that I know of, is to Duel for Knowledge! Not as thrilling as it sounds, but it does add a nice competitive way to learn new stuff. There is no new mini game or anything, its just like all sims actions, up to chance. It is a nice touch.

Now that you have mastered all your new spells and potions, what now?


At least that I know of. No lore, or quests come with this Game Pack. With the progression lines in Strangerville and Jungle Adventure, although weak, I expected something of a story to follow. Does not seem to be the case in Realm of magic. Maybe I am wrong and simply haven’t found the right things to click yet.

So overall would I recommend it?

Yeah I would. The amount of items and new tools to play with are well worth the 20 dollars I spent on Realm of Magic in my opinion. I didn’t even get to talk about the staircase tool, familiars, and new build objects that comes along with Realm of Magic. You can also play around with the bloodlines and hunt vampires with your new spells, always my favorite pass time in Sims. I will also be interested to see what the modding community comes up with to add.

Have you been playing Realm of Magic? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks, and I will see you guys next week!

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