Pokie the Stickfigure

Pokie the Stickfigure is a simple but challenging 2d platformer.

Keeping in mind that I am not a skilled gamer, I found that Pokie the Stickfigure started out easy, and slowly grew into a rather hard game. With different enemies and hazards requiring different approaches, the game offers a variety of challenges through out the levels. Keeping in mind that this is no Mario or Super Meat Boy, I found the overall experience fun and exciting.

Pokie the Stickfigure is pure game play.

By that I mean, there is no story or lore driving the protagonist to save the princess or the world. Pokie the Stickfigure also does not slow you down with a death screen or cut scenes or anything else. You can quite literally die 100 times without even seeing loading screen. You will instantly start at your last check point and not miss a beat. This keeps the game play moving forward nicely, However I will say that I don’t even know what level I am currently on due to this feature.

Pokie the Stickfigure is designed to kill you.

The developer intentionally makes you jump blind and makes you remember the map layout. Again this isn’t a problem with the frequent checkpoints and no loading screens. However if you intend to play though without a single death, good luck.

Customization in Pokie the Stickfigure.

You can change the color of your character with a simple RGB color picker. You can also unlock hats that you can use on your character as well.


You can pick up weapons in Pokie the Stickfigure to help along the way. Usually requiring a more challenging route to get, but will provide a bit of extra fun while killing mobs. Only problem with this is weapons tend to go away at the start of a new level.

Replay ability in Pokie the Stickfigure.

You can collect survivor coins for not dying in a level. The developer says the game is made with speed runners in mind. I did not see a in game timer, however it might be at the end of the game. Alternatively it might also be with survivor coins and or death counter. I am not sure how it is implemented if I’m being honest.

Overall thoughts?

I think Pokie the Stickfigure is a great game, I don’t believe it will be the next Mario, but I think its worth your time if you are into platformers. The addition of weapons and quick respawn times make a fun and exciting game that you can easily jump in and out of if you are looking for a quick fix.

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