Hello ladies and gentlemen

I had planned on doing review for the new call of duty game, however I was unable to get it to play with my computer. Apparently a R9 390 isn’t good enough (rolls eyes). Anyways I will probably work on a citadel forged with fire for next week. But in the meantime I have some new things I am working on with NoobLoot and future projects.

Register with the site.

So I have been informed that people are unable to register on the site. I found the problem, and unfortunately it has to do with a security plugin that I am not willing to part with. So I am currently working on a work around. This means that the forums and comment system may no longer be connected, and I might end up getting rid of the forums. Not 100% sure yet!

Not uploading on Wednesdays.

I said last time I would try to upload twice a week, clearly I lied. I apologize for that one haha.

New site coming.

So I have been working on some content for a new website I am working on (ish). I had to get some real life stuff to get it up and going. Its about 3d printing, A hobby of mine. Stay tuned for that!

Noob Loot itself is growing.

Which is cool. According to google analytics we got 30ish new people to look at the site. Not a big deal for most I’m sure, but its awesome to me. Passed the face book group in seo ranking, woo.

Social media.

I haven’t been using it, My bad.

Short post.

Again I apologize for the short one this week. I expect things will be back to normal next week, hopefully with the comments fixed. In the mean time feel free to look through some older posts.

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