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Noob Plays Classic

Classic wow is a thing now.

Having played vanilla wow private servers before I wasn’t expecting much from classic. I figured I would jump on for the launch and get bored with it by the end of the week. Well its been almost a week and I think I will be playing to 60.

So my thoughts initially for the game.

Does it feel like Classic wow?

Yes and no.

The game runs so smooth its weird.

So far the only issues I have ran into was a little bit of ping, and I mean a little tiny bit. Everything else has been so smooth. Its weird to me because in vanilla wow I remember walking into stormwind and the whole game just lagging. Doing the 360 jumps while running would always stutter a little for me. If too many people were in one area it would crash the server. I believe blizzard putting the time into making it work with the new engine has really paid off. That and I have a much better computer then the family one 15 years ago.

No more wall jumping.

This one hurt a little. I spent hours, and I mean hours climbing to get to weird places. I use to climb on top of buildings just to rain fire balls down on unsuspecting horde lowbies. I understand why it is no longer a thing. I remember when they updated all the mesh for the game and as a result it smoothed the models so we couldn’t glitch up it. A small sacrifice I suppose.

Showing Hogger Killed me

15 years later and Hogger still killed me.

If anything was going to ruin my death free run, I’m glad it was Hogger. Honestly though a lot of things have killed me so far. If I had a gold for every time someone broke my sheep and ran away, id have enough for a mount. Running into a cave and mods spawning behind me. Oh and resist, resist and resist. Man I forgot how much 3 levels will make a difference in hit chance.

Crafting at the forge in wow

Nostalgic feelings are there but not as strong as you would expect.

Jumping in classic will undoubtedly bring up some emotions from those who played vanilla, but for me it wasn’t as strong as I had the first time I booted up the game. That’s not really the games fault though. I was young and had never experienced online games before, at least not to the scale I did wow. I think wow was the first game I got into the social aspects of a mmo. Everything about gaming in a mmo was new to me. Now I know what I’m doing and what to expect.

Future of classic?

No one can be sure what will be in the future of classic wow. I didn’t think I would make it a week, but here I am. I am sure a lot of people will get bored and the game will slow down. But I also think there will be enough people interested in raiding and pvp that it wont die. I don’t see it taking off like old school runescape where they continued to update it. As we stand we are on limited content. So who knows?

Have you been playing classic?

Notice anything they changed? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks and I will see you guys next week!

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