Hello fellow Noobs

I am interested in creating a repository for those of us that would like to know and understand more about computers. The point of this repository is not only to benefit other people in this endeavor but myself as well. I am by no means an expert in the field but I would like to be. The following posts and articles will be my personal journey to knowing more and eventually becoming a professional in the field. I am currently taking the google IT class on coursera, but I also as many of you know dabble in the programming and game dev.

So how will project Noob-IT work?

I would like to set up different categories for each of the different specialties. An example of this would be basic computer concepts, With this entry I want any person with any experience level to be able to read and understand the basic operations of a computer. Being from downloading, installing, reformatting hard drives, updating drives, etc.

Another example will be game development. I want to have a project start to finish defined in easy step by step guide. Nothing in too much detail, I just want anyone to be able to make a basic game and if they are interested in doing more have the fundamentals to keep learning.

There is many topics that I would like to add here and I expect Noob-it to be ever changing. I could list a bunch of ideas that I have in my head, but that would just take away from this introduction.

As always I welcome any and all feedback even if its just for a laugh, I hope you find the following information useful, and we all learn something.