MMO Tips – 1

Ever wanted some cutting edge cleaver use of in game mechanics to get an distinct advantage over your competition in a mmo environment? Well this article is probably not for you then! However I have here some fundamental tips that should help you in any massively multiplayer online game!

MMOs vary a lot between games and objectives can change as well. Some games are meant to be played to level cap and start your end game as early as possible to get the maximum reward. Others are all about the journey. Now that’s not to say you cant play a game that opens up at level cap at a slow pace, The rewards just might not be as long lasting as others. So this brings me to my first tip.

Enjoy the game!

Wow, what a tip. Sure glad I clicked on this article.

I generally hate this response to a question I see asked a lot. Usually when someone asks “Whats the best class to play” I always feel a bit of annoyance when someone responds with this cliché answer “Just play whatever is fun”. That being said, I feel its important to remember why we play games in the first place. World of Warcraft is a great example of this. In the current version of the game, the tutorial basically lasts as long as the leveling process. The rewards you gain do not help a great deal in end game. However if you take the time and read the quests, look for the rare npcs, try the side quests, you might find some interesting bits of lore or Easter eggs along the way.

In other examples, like Guild Wars 2, the end game feels stale when coming from a raid focus mmo. The main focus of GW2 is the leveling process, you can get to level cap fairly quick, however if you take your time and complete each zone, you will naturally get to 80 and be that much farther ahead when you try to craft the legendary weapons. Sure you can get to level cap quick and come back to speed run through the zones, but that becomes really tedious. Anyways this is just my two cents on it.

Some games I really wish I had taken the time and not been so focused on getting to level cap. My biggest regret would have to be Lord of the Rings online. I caved and bough the boost to 110 or w\e it was and instantly lost interest in the game. The game itself is pretty enjoyable, but I wanted to get to cap to play with my friends and I wish I had taken the time to level the game properly. I could go back and play the game from a low level, but at this point I already lost the magic of leveling.

Leveling isn’t the only thing that this applies to, most mmos will have multiple ways to achieve something.

Say you want to grind gold, well you can look up the most effective places or rates to get gold, but that would generally be a boring way to do it. You can also get gold less effective ways but at the same time have fun. Don’t be afraid to run at less then optimal to get some enjoyment out of the task at hand.

Lets say the best money maker for w\e game is mining and you get 100g a hour from doing that. Or you can go fishing and get 70g a hour. Say you like fishing more then mining. Go Fish.

An example of this would be in the game Runescape, I would buy dragonhide and have it tanned to resell at a profit. Oh my this was boring. Now this is by no means the best way to make gold in the game, but it was something that generally did well, with no real requirements. A less effective way to make gold (depending on level) was runecrafting. I really enjoyed it in that game, not sure why. Anyways I found that the grind to make x gold was much more easier doing something I enjoyed rather then the more efficient way, which in the long run ended up getting more gold because I would do it longer.

Oh by the way, I ended up loosing a lot of gold doing the dragonhide trick. Waited too long to sell and ended up dropping in price, but thats for a different post.

Anyways point of the first tip is to have fun! Its a game after all.

I was originally going to add more to this, but out of fear of the post becoming too long and wordy I think I should break this into separate posts.

Do you guys think that this is nonsense and the game should be played at the most efficient way because the ultimate enjoyment in any game is laugh at the competition as you crush them with your superior gear and skills? Let me know in the comments below! Or make use of the forums and create a petition to stop me from giving bad advice, I wont tho.

Thanks for reading! And see you next time on MMO TIPS! Yeah I don’t know if that will stick or not.

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