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Minecraft Modpacks

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend. Today I would like talk about installing curse\twitch modpacks for Minecraft on alternate launchers. Let me start off by saying I was late to the All the mods 4 party, and for whatever reason I had a tough time trying to install it. So I would like to go through my steps to save some trouble for those trying to troubleshoot it.

Safety First! Even for Modpacks!

I would like to point out that I am not the best with these new launchers, and would stress to follow the simple safety rules of the interwebs I previously mention in a few other posts.

For a quick version:

Check the community

Scan the download

Easy peasy!

Back in my day!

So any of you guys remember the good ole days when everything ran through Feed the Beast? Man things were so much more simple in those days. But that might just be that less was going on in the modding community for Minecraft. Now anyone can make modpacks, launch it pretty much anywhere, Even a variety of mod loaders exist now.

So let me talk about why I thought this post was relevant.

I was interested in some 1.14 modded Minecraft, I’m not sure why I all of the sudden had a urge to play Minecraft but regardless there I was browsing curseforge. All the Mods 4 caught my eye, I quite enjoyed the pack before and I went to install it through twitch.


I don’t think I would hate twitch as much as I do if I never used feed the beast before. Maybe this is my own short comings, however getting packs to install via twitch is literally worse then getting teeth pulled. And I can relate, as I just had a tooth pulled. I can ran twitch as admin, tried fresh installing, changing the directory from default. And it was weird too because I could get some packs to install, but not All the Mods 4.


A quick Google search told me that MultiMC was a great alternative, never hearing of it before I figured I would give it a try. Well apparently I didn’t do my research enough because right on MultiMC’s home page was talking about compatibility issues with Forge 1.13 and later. If I would have just taken a minute to look this information up before hand I would have saved myself about a hour of cussing. I got 1.12 packs working flawless on MultiMC and couldn’t understand why 1.14 wasn’t working. After reading up on Reddit I seen the error of my ways.

And then I could see.

So in a last ditch effort I gave ATLauncher a try. I have used it before and I just didn’t care for the UI, petty I know. But wouldnt you know it, ATLauncher, ended up being my savior. Not without some trial error first though.

So when you add modpacks through the curseforge url, it will download it from the site, I believe, and install it. After about 4 tries of the download failing I took a break.

Its amazing how simple solutions can be after taking some time to get fresh perspective on it.

After trying it again after about an hour, I decided to try the zip option below url. Downloading the zip directly from curseforge and opening the zip with the launcher directly STILL MESSUP.

Lo and behold I downloaded the server files as well. So I unzipped that and then added the actual modpack zip and everything worked. I mean everything worked perfectly.

Now some of you guys that actually know what you are doing are probably either laughing or shaking your head, and that’s fair. Hopefully this post will save someone some time somewhere.

Hope you guys enjoy your holidays and I will see you next week!

Real quick, after looking for some pictures I seen that Feed the Beast has a launcher available for download. I will certainly be checking that out in the near future! Simpler times return? We will find out!

In the mean time, check out these links!



List of Launchers:





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