Im Back!

Sometimes life knocks you off your path, whether you like it or not.

I had every intention to keep posting on Noob Loot, however, work and some real life issues took priority. And I hate that. I will try to be more consistent with my posts. I have a new, less demanding job, which will allow me to spend more time on my projects here.

Speaking of which, in the little spare time I did have I started on a new mobile game, its nothing great, but it will be the first project I actually finish. I decided to keep it simple enough that I wouldn’t get burned out, but enough features it isn’t boring to play either. Its not close to being done yet, but I will be posting on about the programs I use and after I launch ill try and make a tutorial of sorts or a making of post.

In other news, I finally added Google Analytics to the site. I believe I need to update the privacy policy…shoot.

Well that’s enough of that, I’m pretty sure I NEED to make that privacy policy now that I’m thinking of it.

Take it easy and expect more things popping up on the noob loots. Thanks for your understanding and I hope to talk at you guys soon!

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