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Today I would like to talk about some guidelines I like to use to avoid becoming a complete vegetable in front of my computer. I will point out that I am not a physician, nor do I claim to know anything about health related subjects. I can only speak from my experience and highly suggest that if you want to truly do more for your health, you seek the advice of a professional. So now that I got the disclaimer out of the way, here are some guidelines I use.

Don’t eat while you game.

I use to be bad about this one. Peanut M&Ms were a sick vice I had for many years. Melt in your mouth not your hand, oh boy. I would pound a family size bag of M&Ms in a day. I unknowingly ate more calories while leveling agility in Runescape, then I should be eating all day. Needless to say, with the sedentary life style I had chosen for myself, I was a chunky boy.

Instead of eating, drink.

No, not soda, that’s just as bad. Drink water! Yes I know water sucks, but at least drink a glass. Its easy to nurse glass of water. Still no? Try a healthy drink instead! I have an affinity for Coca Cola personally. I drank way too much. Soda I mean, And one of the things that helped me cut back was switching to carbonated water. It takes some getting use to, but if I used just a tiny bit of imagination, it would taste just like Pepsi, Maybe even better.

Take mini breaks!

I found that every hour, getting up and stretching helps a lot. I like to leave the computer, even to walk into the living room or kitchen, just for something new to look at. Go outside, smoke a cigarette, I mean get some fresh air. There is a 20-20-20 rule you can use, however I have nothing to look at 20 feet away, except a window that’s always covered. But it goes something to the effect of, for every 20 minutes you are looking at a screen, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I don’t personally use this one, but hey, don’t think it could hurt.


No wait, come back, its not that bad. I have a grip resistance donut thing that I like to squeeze. I feel that it keeps my hand from cramping, gets the blood moving. Kinda like a stress ball. Anyways, filling in the gaps in actual game play could be filled with something productive. Unskippable cutscene? Do some SKIP ROPE! No but really, in games that have long wait times, I will try to do something else, maybe not exercise specifically, but stretching, bio break, get some water. Sitting down for long periods of time can get uncomfortable

Here is a link to some office workouts if you want, I don’t but who knows maybe you do:

Keeping it clean!

I am going to start by saying I’m not the most clean person. I let mail pile up, clothes go without getting washed, and just general clutter build up. I will say though, I find a clean desk to be invigorating. A clean anything really. When I have a cluttered living space, I get agitated. Your surroundings can make a world of difference. Furthermore when is the last time you cleaned your mouse and keyboard? Im sure you have seen the studies about how its dirtier then a keyboard (here is a post: Post )? Clean them monitors! Get some air flow! Clean your computer fans! Anyways.

Well that’s all I got.

I would say if you have any great ideas on staying fit or healthy leave a comment below, but sadly that “feature” is still broken for the time being. In the meantime check out these other quality articles by yours truly, and I will see you guys next week! Maybe.

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