GTFO Terminal Guide

I notice a lot of people are confused by the GTFO terminal in game, and I wanted to create a quick guide and some tips on how to use it. The GTFO terminal offers tons of advantages if used right and I will do my best to explain it so anyone can take advantage of the system.

First thing is finding the terminals on the map

Press the tab key to open the map and navigate by using the middle mouse button or wasd keys. Look for the screen icon highlighted on the picture below.

Once you find the screen make your way to the room and hold “E” to open the terminal.

In GTFO you have a few commands you can use to help your team.

Help shows some general information.

Commands shows basically this list.

CLS clears the screen of text.

Exit closes the terminal.

Ping allows your team to locate the item by giving off a sound, only if they are near the zone.

List provides a list of all items in map.

Query gives you information about where the item is located, this is used to find the zone before you ping.

Terminal usage

So say for the first key door, you can either go to the door itself and find out the id, or you can use list and search for the key in the terminal.

Once you find the id of the item you are searching for, simply use the Query command.

This can be used on any item in the game.

Example would be BOX_169 so we would use QUERY BOX_169.

This tells us that the location of the box is in zone_49

Now we can use the PING BOX_169 and listen for the exact location.

Hopefully this will help your team avoid unnecessary encounters and allow you guys to weight the pros and cons of clearing a room.

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