A Noob Plays Dwarrows

What is Dwarrows?

Dwarrows is a resource gathering game where the player can build a small town, upgrading it as you complete quests and expanding it while you collect ghosts. You can switch between 3 characters in the game, all with their own unique abilities. This is a peaceful game appropriate for all ages.

Characters of Dwarrows.

The playable characters of Dwarrows, or Heroes, include a Gnome, Dwaf, and Halfling.

The Gnome Gloia can build structures in your town, make roads, upgrade designs. I usually leave this character at the home base, only bringing her out of town to do puzzles that require all 3 characters or the repair of objects in the world. Her skills include a Hammer for building and repairing objects, or breaking pots or vases. A blueprint designer, which lets you merge previous blueprints to make a new one. Shield that lets you block, and a torch that lets you, well light up the environment.

The Dwarf Dwilben gathers resources for Gloia to build objects. Dwilben is the only character that cannot climb ladders. He is usually the character I am exploring on, because I am in constant need of supplies. His skills include the Wood and Pick axe, for gathering wood and ore. A bomb that he can open up new passage ways, and the torch.

The Halfling Horbir is the intended explorer of Dwarrows. I probably play him the least of the 3 Heroes. He has an intresting ability called the Treasure-Diviner, which allows you to find hidden chests around the world. These give you not only wood and ore, but potions as well. He can sprint, which is great for getting to specific locations quickly. Supposedly he can climb things, but I have not figured out what yet. And finally the Torches again.

Resources you can Gather.

The big three are Wood, Stone, and Gold. These are used for various builds that you need in your town. You can also collect sprites simply by touching them with any character. Sprites can be used to expand your building area.

Building up your town in Dwarrows.

The management is pretty easy going and simplistic in Dwarrows. You have three main things you have to watch if you want to upgrade the Tier of your town. You have Culture, Economy, and Quality of Life. These all come with building stats. Nothing really happens if you don’t do these things. I believe I ran out of toilets but I didn’t notice anyone leaving.

Quests in Dwarrows.

You can also go on some adventures with your Heroes. Talking to NPCs can bring up a quest. Quest rewards can unlock abilities, artifacts, resources, and upgrades. They are worth doing and found all over the map.

Worth getting?

I enjoyed Dwarrows. It was a fun little game aimed more towards the younger crowd.

If you are looking for action packed, fast paced, highly technical mechanics, this game is not for you.

If you want to get into a city building game with no way to fail, collect your resources, enjoy at your own pace. Yeah this one would be for you. Again a great game for kids. No violence, no deaths, super easy going.

check out Dwarrows here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/532750/Dwarrows/

Check out the Wiki here: https://dwarrows.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarrows_Wiki

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