Discover University

Finally we can get some college education for our Sims!

Discover University offers some great features to our sims lives, and I am not talking about furthering your education, tho that’s a thing to. You have the opportunity to get a degree and more career options, sure, but you also get new skills, toys, and an aspiration as well. But for me, the big one is to be able to become a land lord. That’s right.

Lets start with the Schools in Discover University

You have two options for your sims to pick. One looks like a classic college with the grand building style and a rich looking environment. The other is a more modern tech focused campus with new and simple design. Each school offering different courses and clubs.

The Classes in Discover University

The Classes fill your work tab, giving you work times and daily tasks much like regular jobs. Your sim will leave for class like a job. You have options to work harder or socialize just like a regular job. Your performance will effect you GPA. You need to get a total of 12 Credits to graduate. Also I would like to say that the tuition in Simville is amazingly cheap.

While you are doing classes you have fun things to do as well

They have Organization Events now, which let you play around with the skills in Sims. My first play through I went robotics, I ended up killing myself trying to make a chatter bot. But basically they are like clubs with challenges. Its not super fleshed out, but its something.

Skills in Discover University


Robotics offers a new crafting skill in the Sims 4. You can create various bots and toys for your sims play with. The big one being Servo which is a robot that you can add to your household. If you are apart of the Bot Savant club, you can put your creations in a contest, not battle bots sadly…yet.

Research and Debate

This isn’t as flashy as robotics, but it seems to help everything else go smoother. You can use it to influence sims to do things, but it also can help speed up other activities in Sims. Use it to read books faster, learn skills, homework, etc. Its a useful skill, and im sure you can come with some fun scenarios to peer pressure sims.

The neighborhood in Discover University

Its ok, I don’t care for it. I wont be using it often. It has the two campuses and a library, a bar. Pretty boring.

Now for me the Big One

You can finally play as the scummy land lord! The max roommates I was able to get was 9, plus a butler and then myself. I’m sure there will be ways to remove this cap later with mods, but that was the best I could get. Roommates will let you get a semi passive income, only have to deal with other sims on your lot, you cant control them, they complain, they can have parties and play the violin at 2 am. Its kind of fun to see other sims on auto pilot. From what I understand, the rent is effected by the amount of sims you have as roommates and that is scaled based on house worth, like bills. I could be wrong but that is my first impressions.


I like the additions in Discover University adds. I think its worth the full dollar amount for the pack personally. If mods are important to you I might suggest waiting for the updates as this pack broke everything pretty much. I am really looking forward to what the modding community does with all these new features. I like the new building options and I will always take new skills. The roommate feature is great, but not as over powered as I had hoped for. The go to school thing over all was kinda meh to me, but the extra stuff is what I like.

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