A Noob Plays Crucible

Crucible is Amazon’s new fast paced shooter that is free to play!

Without much warning Amazon has released a new team based shooter game, Crucible. It feels like a mix between Overwatch and Apex Legends. Hero based shooter with a open map that you can go around and collect essence to level up.

First off its free to play.

Crucible gives you 1000 Credits you can spend in their cash shop. These credits can get you new skins, voice overs and emotes. Some of the packs that you can purchase with cash will offer progress in their version of a battle pass. You can even buy a better version of the battle pass for 950 credits. Also Crucible gives you access to the better version of the battle pass with a founders pack, ranging from 15 to 50 dollars. These will also give you more credits, Tier credits, and skins as well. These credits cost roughly 100 credits per 1.00 usd, with the bigger packs offering more value.

My opinion with this cash shop, is although it does not seem to be a pay to win, it seems a bit predatory. By that I mean, the game still feels like its in alpha, yet they already have a battle pass, cash shop, and founder packs. I understand the battle pass in games like Rainbow Six, where the developers are still updating and balancing and continue you improve on the game, however Crucible just released already feels under polished, and probably wont be around for the long term. Feels like a cash grab to me.

Crucible Game play.

It sucks. That’s just my opinion. Controls feel clunky. Mobs are bouncing in and out of render right in front of you. Guns and weapons feel weak and lacking. Mobs are slow and sluggish. Although I had no issues with server connection, many people did, which being an Amazon game is kinda funny.

Crucible Hunters.

In Crucible, you can play as 10 different characters, or hunters. What I like about it, is that it looks like you can pick whatever character you want, and then que, not having to worry about someone else taking your main. What I don’t like about it, is that they all feel underwhelming. You do get a nice little Talent system? As you level up, letting you choose between different perks. I can see that the developers put time into the characters. They have great voice overs, the models look great, they seem to have personality. I like all those things, until you play them. Then they just feel stiff.

Crucible Game Modes.

Crucible offers a variety of game modes to try out.

In Heart of the Hives, you kill mobs and collect hearts, faster then the other team.

Alpha Hunters is a battle royal style mode.

Harvester Command you capture and hold harvesters to collect the most points.

And finally a Training mode.

Collect Stuff in Crucible.

Similar to Overwatch’s collection tab, Crucible has something similar. You can gain skins from leveling in the battle pass, or purchasing with credits. Some skins can be obtained via leveling the character, tho it mostly seems to be something you will have to pay money for.

Overall view of Crucible?

In my opinion it is a boring game that does not offer anything unique compared to anything else on the market. I had high hopes for Amazon, however it was a bit of a let down. I don’t like to put games down because of all the hard work put into creating something for us to enjoy. However Crucible seems to be a cash grab that will be gone in a years time. Hopefully I am wrong and it will replace Fortnite, but I just don’t see that being the case. But hey its free! You can try the game yourself and maybe its the game for you! I doubt it, but you never know!

Want to give Crucible a try? Find here on steam:


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