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Types of 3d camera perspectives in video games

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The 3d camera perspectives are generally considered first person and third person, With a few caveats.

First Person Perspective

Ah the good ole first person shooters come to mind with this perspective. Where you are looking through the eyes of the protagonist. This one is probably my favorite of all camera perspectives. This one has many great hits behind it, including the Elder Scrolls series, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, you get the idea.

The elusive second person perspective

Ah, this one. I will be honest I didn’t even know this was a thing until I did a little research for these articles. The only example I could find of a 3d version of second person perspective is Mario 64. In this game the idea is that Lakitu is holding the camera the entire time. Pretty neat concept.

Above Picture taken from Dig_Dogulas_III on reddit:


Common Third

So from here you got mostly two perspectives from what I understand. Over the Shoulder and Top Down.

Over the shoulder

Games like Gears of war, Tomb Raider, and Fable follow the over the shoulder model. The camera floats around the character letting you see all angles of the protagonist. You can often use these mechanics to peak around corners and cover to your advantage.

Top Down in 3d

God view, or really far away shots. Games like Cities: Skylines and Planet Coaster let you get a nice big over view of the playing field.

Have any more 3d perspectives I missed?

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